Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Jelly Bums Bat

Hey all, I can't believe its getting into autumn of the year already! As promised in the last post I'm concentrating on the holiday season, so I've added a little Halloween bat to the Jelly Bum gang. You can't really see it in the photo but his wings have a nice little ridge detail and little points to the bottom rather than just a straight edge. I love how they eventually turned out after many trial and error test knits. I can see these little guys being knit with the dangly legs and hanging upside down as a little Halloween display, how adorable.
As you probably know I usually keep the next pattern a secret, however I have promised to make a turkey for all those knitters out there who like to celebrate Thanksgiving, or even those who would like a like little Xmas turkey. I might try and squeeze a little Halloween dress up costume or two in before then.
In other knitting news some of you may have seen that I was featured in 'Let's Knit' inspiration station this month, which is very exciting. I was quite pleased my photography skills lived up to publishing standards!
In the non-knitting news It's been really hectic here recently as I try to settle into the routine of being at university and meeting lots of new people, lots of fun though. The girlies are also still settling into nursery but taking to it quite well, independent little madams, making me feel rather redundant now.
OK I'll be off for now, and as usual will be back with any updates, in the meantime feel free to get in tough if you have any questions or queries I'm always happy to hear form my fellow toy knitters.
Happy knitting
Raynor x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jelly Bums Meerkat

Happy September everyone, can you even believe it's got this far into the year already?

Just popping on to formally introduce the Jelly Bums meerkat pattern, even though he has been available for a while now, I though it would be rather rude not to give him a shout out like the others. If your in the UK you may know where my inspiration has come from for this little fellow. If not then I'll let you know my inspiration was from a little meerkat by the name of Aleksandr Orlov who is founder of Comparethemeerkat.com , and face of the TV ad campaign for Compare the Market.com Try not to get the two confused it get Aleksandr very cross! He is an adorable little Meerkat who has the catchphrase 'simples'. I'm even thinking of making a little smoking jacket outfit complete with cravat to accompany him, a little bit of Hugh Hefner style for the Jelly Bums, don't worry I won't accompany it with any buxom blonde dress up.

My thoughts at the moment are turning to the holiday seasons, first Halloween so perhaps a few spooky outfits and then thanksgiving and Christmas, so will definitely try and get some more themed outfits and perhaps animals out by then.

Also it is 1st anniversary of the very first Jelly Bum pattern being released on 23rd September so I'm hoping to perhaps have some sort of special celebration for that, so keep your eyes peeled.
Happy Knitting
Raynor x