Sunday, 28 September 2008

Jelly Bums Pig

I've eventually got around to finishing my latest pattern today and it's now available to buy from my Etsy shop. This time we have a little piggy!

Jelly Bum pigs are shy little fellows. They will always be a little friend who is very trustworthy and will never let you down. They love the countryside and a roll in a nice muddy field will make their day. A lover of all foods, these cute little porkers will make you smile with a wiggly of their curly tail and a sweet little 'oink'.
I nicknamed this little guy Ham, and reminds me of the three little pigs from the Shrek movies, and I just imagine him speaking in a little German accent like them. All he needs is a pair of mini lederhosen.
Just in case anyone was wondering, if you wanted to buy my patterns but don't have an Etsy account then you can still buy them through my Paypal account, just email me at jellybums[at]hotmail[dot]com letting me know what patterns your after and I'll send you an invoice.
Ok I'm off to get started on the new pattern as I know some of you are looking forward to having more patterns to choose from.
♥ Raynor

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Jelly Bums Cat

Today another new pattern is available in my Etsy shop, and it's a little kitty cat.

Jelly Bum cats are the perfect little furry companions. They are playful little creatures and love nothing more than to chase after your balls of yarn! A piece of fish and a bowl of cream will go down a treat with these guys, and to show your their delight they will sit for hours on your lap purring contentedly.

As a request from a fantastic customer of mine I'm going to working on a new free pattern for my other blog The Knitted Toy Box for the next day or so. Then I'll be right back to creating more pattern for my Etsy shop. Hopefully I should have another pattern ready for next week.

Once I have a few patterns available I'm going to put up pattern deals where the more you buy the more you save. Remember I have a list of about 50 animals I'm wanting to make so you may want to hang fire if there is a particular little critter you want.
♥ Raynor

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Jelly Bums Dog

Ok as promised my very first Jelly Bums animal pattern is finally finished, and it's a little doggy.

Jelly Bum Dogs are very loyal creature who love company. Known as mans best friend they make great companions for us humans. They love to run around and their favourite game is fetch with a big bouncy ball. These little guys adore kids, and love to be treated with a a big juicy bone when they've been a good boy.

The pattern is currently available from my Etsy shop or if you don't have an etsy account then just email me and I can take payment directly via paypal.

As mentioned before this toy is the first of a very long list of animals I have in the pipeline. I have another one finished but the pattern needs formatting so it should be available over the next day or so. So pop back in and check to see which new animal will be joining the gang.
♥ Raynor

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Long time no see

Hello all!
So i'm back after a long break. For the last few months i've been away developing my new knitting patterns. I have a few up which have been made and are in the process of being edited so they will be available to buy very soon. I'll be putting pictures of the patterns up as soon as they are available. I have a long list of animals in the pipeline just waiting to be made into patterns, so if your favourite animal isn't available soon please be patient as I'll try and develop them as quickly as possible.
This blog will be used to let you all know of any new Jelly Bums patterns and I hope to give out some free patterns and ideas for all the patterns.
Happy Knitting
♥ Raynor