Sunday, 17 May 2009

Free Patterns: Dino Suit

Hey all, just popping by to let you all know that I've finished another free pattern to dress up the Jelly Bums. It's an awesome little dino suit!

Click here for pattern

I got the idea from the show 'Peppa Pig' (which my 2 year old is obsessed with) as Peppas' little brother George answers everything with 'dinosaur'. So I thought it would be really cool to be able to dress the animals up as a dinosaur. I hope you all enjoy the pattern, I'd love to see if anyone makes one, I can picture them now in a whole variety of colours so let your imagination run wild.
The pattern was designed to use with the oval body pattern and either the animal legs or the big foot legs, I've modelled the suit on a little lamb with the animal legs.
I really enjoyed creating this pattern so you'll be happy to know that I'm already jotting down lots of ideas for more dress up patterns and hopefully you can soon have a whole little wardrobe for your Jelly Bums. The biggest problem is deciding between making more outfits or more animals now, so I'll hopefully find a happy medium soon maybe alternate between the two.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'll hopefully be back with any updates soon.
♥ Raynor
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