Friday, 10 September 2010

Jelly Bum Panda

Why hello there!
I've popped on to let you all know about the new Jelly Bum panda pattern, it's he adorable! As usually he is available from my website or from my etsy shop.
My apologies to everyone who has been in contact asking when I was be releasing a new pattern. My fingers have been itching for months to try and get more patterns out, I've just been so busy with work/uni which are definitely pattern stoppers, much to my disappointment.
I've been off on holiday this week for the first time in 3 months so I've had a chance to catch up with things, the the new pattern out and even get started on a new pattern. I am catching the bull by the horns this time as I won't get another break until Christmas time. Once I get the new pattern out I'll try and get some new dress up patterns available too.
I hope your all doing well and enjoying your knitting, I love the change in the seasons when it feels good to be knitting cosy stuff again, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.
I'll be back soon with updates on the latest pattern under construction.
Raynor x

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Favors and Facebook

Hey everyone,
It's been ages since my last post, so thought I would pop back for a wee update. Whenever I send out my pattern I always ask people to send me pictures or upload them somewhere like ravelry or the flickr group, because I really do love to see what people make with the patterns. I also love the little stories that accompany each little animal that has been made and you guys always seem to personalise them so well. I little while back I recieved an email from a lovely lady called Christine, she had sent me a photo of 80 Jelly Bum finger puppets she had created as favors for her daughters wedding guests. I thought that was such a fantastic idea, very personalised and unique. Here is a photos of them altogether, also note the adorable little bride and groom at the front.

I was also informed that some of these little guys even have there own facebook profile! So it got me thinking that Jelly Bums needed its own facebook group, and at long last I have eventually set one up, so please feel free to join and ask questions and photos etc. Also if anyone has one of these little finger puppets as a facebook friend then add them i'd love to see there profile.

To join the Jelly Bums Facebook group click here

Raynor x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Jelly Bum Kangaroo

Ok I'm just going to slip quietly through the door here, since I should be ashamed at myself for neglecting this little blog!
My apologies for disappearing, it seems my knitting life is back on track after my little stint on work placement for uni. It seems to be hotting up here in Scotland (Read as: the temperatures are now just above freezing!) but all I want to do is knit, knit, knit. Seems that it's the perfect way to procrastinate when I should really be writing that 3000 word essay.
Over the last while I've been mulling away with this pattern until I had perfected it, so I'm proud to introduce to you the Jelly Bum Kangaroo. I've been informed by the lovely Australian Faye that the toys should be referred to as 'she' as male kangaroos do not have pouches (ashamedly showing my ignorance by calling it a 'he') which would make sense since they are for the little Joeys after all.
As usual available from all the usual etsy and website locations. I hope you all like him and want to knit them up for your little joeys.
For the next few pattern I'm going to concentrate on a few more clothing patterns for the toys so I'll be doing a boy theme and a girl theme still deciding what I'll go with for them though but have a few sketches down. So keep an eye out for them.

Love, hugs and thanks for your patience
Raynor x