Friday, 4 January 2013

Camel Knitting Pattern

 Hello all, i've dropped by with another new pattern today, this time it's a camel.
This one was a little tricky to take a photo of as without a side shot it's  difficult to tell what the animal is as its distinguishing feature is obviously its hump.  I just wanted to point out that if you make this little guy, he wont fit into any of the dress up clothes as him hump makes him a lot wider than the other animals.He's really easy to knit up as you only really require increasing decreasing and a small simple colour change.

I've included a side shot for you to see  how he looks from the side.

The Camel pattern is available from the website, Etsy and Ravelry.

I'm still riding this creative wave at the moment and have got cracking with the next new design which I planned. Also good news as i found all my notes on that half finished toy o told you about in the last post which i will complete as a fouth new release. I hope you enjoy the new pattern and remember if you knit then id love you to share.
Have a great weekend and happy knitting.
Raynor x
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