Friday, 15 May 2009

Jelly Bums Beaver

Hey all just popping in to introduce the latest Jelly Bum animal, don't you just love that little buck tooth? As with all the other patterns he is available to buy on his own or as part of any of the pattern deals. Can you believe that's the 20th Jelly Bum pattern already, it seems like so many now, but I've still got a big list to get through so I'm not hanging up my needles just yet!
I apologise for my lack of blogging lately, I seem to be trying to have my finger in to many knitting pies. I've been working on a little pattern for The Knitted Toy box, and also trying to clear out a lot of the knitted toys I've had stored away in a box for ages, hopefully I'll be able to find them a home where they will get lots of love and hugs.
I've also been looking into lots of ideas for more free clothes patterns for the toys, but can't seem to make up my mind on something yet. I was thinking perhaps a ballerina outfit or a superhero outfit, but I'm still researching lots of ideas so if anyone has any suggestions of what they would like to see please feel free to leave a comment, as I'd love your feedback.
Ok I'm off just now but promise I'll be back soon with any updates.
♥ Raynor
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