Sunday, 28 September 2008

Jelly Bums Pig

I've eventually got around to finishing my latest pattern today and it's now available to buy from my Etsy shop. This time we have a little piggy!

Jelly Bum pigs are shy little fellows. They will always be a little friend who is very trustworthy and will never let you down. They love the countryside and a roll in a nice muddy field will make their day. A lover of all foods, these cute little porkers will make you smile with a wiggly of their curly tail and a sweet little 'oink'.
I nicknamed this little guy Ham, and reminds me of the three little pigs from the Shrek movies, and I just imagine him speaking in a little German accent like them. All he needs is a pair of mini lederhosen.
Just in case anyone was wondering, if you wanted to buy my patterns but don't have an Etsy account then you can still buy them through my Paypal account, just email me at jellybums[at]hotmail[dot]com letting me know what patterns your after and I'll send you an invoice.
Ok I'm off to get started on the new pattern as I know some of you are looking forward to having more patterns to choose from.
♥ Raynor
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