Sunday, 30 December 2012

Otter Knitting Pattern

The latest little Jelly Bum has arrived and it's an adorable little otter pattern. This little guy looks like he gets up to lots of mischief! I've has a few followers request an otter for the range and finally this little guy popped into my head, I hope you like him. He is super quick to knit up and a great project for those looking to advance their knitting skills as it has small and simple pieces of intarsia within the face.
As always he's available from the website, Etsy and Ravelry.
I wanted to show you a glimpse of how I go about working out the shaping for my toys.

This is a printout my otter notes. I start with the basic shape I keep for all my patterns but adjust to  form into the desired animal along with intarsia charts. I use this to jot things down along with any other pattern related thoughts which pop into my head (you can see my doodling of how I wanted the nose/mouth area to look). The lines and dots are my workings for increasing and decreasing along the piece, however I think it looks a bit like some sort of alien code to an outsider!

I still have two more designs drafted and ready to go to schematic stage. Plus I also found a toy I had started to knit up ages ago (possibly a year or two) which I found tucked away with a bunch of 'back burner' projects. Now if I can find the notes and colour charts I created for it then that's another pattern I can get to working on.
I'm off for now but remember that if you knit up one of these little otters then share your pics because I always love to see them. I'll see you all soon for some updates
Raynor x

Monday, 24 December 2012

Triple Update

Hello all,
It's good to see you again, as usual i'm skulking in with my tail between my legs for being so lax about the blog. The notion took me this morning to read though all my old blog posts and it brings back some great memories of starting up my little knitting patterns. I wanted to let you know that i'm back to creating patterns again and have three in the sketching stage so i can get an idea of how the finished toy will look. Over the next few days (well when Christmas settles down) i'll be picking up the needles to create them.  I'm a bit undecided on wheter i should release them altogether or spread them out over a few weeks, let me know if you would have a preference.
For the past few months I've been working away on a new project of sewing pattern for my new Etsy shop Elf Pop, I have loads of doll patterns available and have started on an animal toy patterns too. So if you sew then check it out and if you don't then the little cuties are a great way to learn.
I'm going to be a busy bunny over the next few months but remember to keep me posted on what you make with the Jelly Bums because you know I love to see your finished works.


I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a very happy start to 2013 and i'll see you all back with those new patterns.
Love Raynor x