Monday, 2 June 2014

Jelly Bum Turtle

Turtle knitting pattern is available from the website, Etsy and Ravelry.
Today is release day for our new turtle design to be released. This little guy took a while in the design stage as I couldn't quite decide on how to do his shell. I like to keep my patterns simple so they are quite and easy to knit for beginners and experienced knitted I finally opted for this design. You can't quite see his shell from the front as his big head kind of gets in the way so here is a little side view of Mr Turtle.

I can't believe that it's been 10 weeks already since I started releasing the latest 10 designs. It's been so much fun getting back to dedicating time to Jelly Bums and speaking to a lot of old friends who have supported me from the start back in 2008 and great to get to know some new faces too. Your kind words and support really spur me on to create more designs. As always my most favourite part of designing toys is seeing your finished toys. Recently I've also been reading a lot of emails from you guys about all the charity work you are doing with the finished toys which is fantastic. I really want to feature a few of you guys on the blog with the story behind the toys you are knitting.

I have a lot more designs in the pipeline and you may remember my ever elusive 50 pattern goal, however the list has vastly expanded since then so I'll still be creating for a good while yet. I will now be releasing a pattern a month, so that you guys know that pattern releases will be more regular in the future. I'm also working away on a few more designs over at my other venture Elf Pop Purl which will be solely dedicated to doll knitting patterns. SO pop over and have a wee nosey and keep an eye out for any updates from the shop by favouring the shop, which will update you when any new patterns are listed.

Ok doke guys, if you have any messages for me feel free to email me or leave a comment below i'd love to hear from your with feedback and suggestions or even a simple hello :) for Jelly Bums.
Happy knitting all
Raynor x