Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Look what the cat dragged in!

Hello there everyone,
Apologies for my long unexplained absence. things got a bit hectic here for a few weeks and the knitting had to be put on hold for a while. Firstly I've had the 18th pattern completed to be photographed for over a month now, however I tried to purchase a light box to help with the pattern photography and it basically never arrived, so I've been waiting a long time to get my refund and will then be looking for a replacement.
Also had my interview to go back to university in September and I've got in, yippee!!! I'm so happy there was only 12 places left out of 70 interviews. As I said before I'll still be trying to create the patterns when I'm back there it juts may be a little slower, plus I'll always be selling and be on hand to help when anyone needs me.
I'm hoping things will resume to normal over the next fortnight once I get my new light box and the excitement of the little ones birthdays are out of the way. Can you believe my little babies are going to be one and two?!! They grow so fast.
Anyways enough of my rabbiting on, hope your all having fun knitting the patterns. Remember to keep posting your finished toys on the Jelly Bums flickr group and/or Ravelry, I'm loving the pictures that are being posted so keep up the good work everyone.
♥ Raynor
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