Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sew sketchy

Those of you who are fans on Facebook will see that yesterday I posted about receiving my new sewing machine yesterday. I haven't sewn for a long time since I haven't really had the space to keep a sewing machine, however I really wanted to start making some sewing patterns so I decided just to go ahead and buy one. I'm sure my husband wont mind giving up some wardrobe room for fabrics or listening to the humming of the machine whilst watching his favourite programmes!  I'm currently waiting on a delivery of fabric for creating prototypes so in the meantime I'm sketching franticly as you can see from the rubbish picture above (apologies as it was taken on my phone). Today I'll mostly be working with little cloth scraps and making draft prototypes before I get my hands on some 'proper' fabric. Oh I'm so excited I really can't wait to get some pattern available, I feel like this has jump started the inspiration station in my brain again.
Watch this space.....
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