Thursday, 13 November 2008

Jelly Bums Sheep

Ok ok I confess I've been procrastinating again this week! However I have not been slacking and as promised I've eventually finished the pattern with my fuzzy wuzzy yarn. So here is a new little sheep pattern for you all.

The yarn used was sirdar snuggly snowflake, and it was perfect for creating a fleecy fur look. Although it was the first time I have ever worked with novelty yarn and it was strange but in a learning curve sort of way.
The finished toy reminds me of a Lamb toy my dad bought in Amsterdam when I was small. We affectionately named him Lambsy and he had a 'baa-er'* inside him. Lambsy was the star of many of a nativity shows at our primary school. He is still round today looking a bit scruffy and weary after one too many rough play times from my siblings and now our children. Sadly now his baa no longer works but he always leaves me feeling sweetly nostalgic.
I'm now planning to get started on a particular animal which I've had a few requests for since I've started creating the animal patterns. I promise I'll get it out as soon as possible as I know a few people are knitting furiously to pop a few little critters into their loved one's Xmas stocking this year (yes it is that time of year already!).
Happy Knitting
♥ Raynor

* A 'baa-er' is my own made up word used to describe the device inside Lambsy which made him 'baa' when rocked backwards, similar to a teddy bear 'growler'.
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