Sunday, 9 November 2008

Pattern updates

Hey everyone, hope your all having a nice relaxing Sunday. Just thought I would pop on to give you a few updates from the world of Jelly Bums.
I recently updated all the pattern in the collection so they are now available with 3 different body shapes to make a stuffed toy, an egg cosy and a finger puppet. I was always being asked if the toys were finger puppets and my answer was always that the body was too wide for finger puppets but would make good egg cosies. So instead of confusing everyone I thought it would be a lot easier to give the option to make both an egg cosy and a finger puppet as well as the original toy pattern.
Also this week I got my Ravlery shop set up, so my patterns are now available to buy as downloads from there aswell (the link to my store is in the sidebar --->). If you purchase my patterns this way not only will you be supporting a great community but they are also downloaded directly to your computer, so no waiting for me to check my etsy orders.
Are you wondering what 'Ravelry' is? Well it's a fantastic knitting and crochet community which is currently only accessible by being sent an invite. If you want in to this little secret club then get your name on the list here . It make take a while for you to get the invite through but the wait is worth it, the community is a godsend for knitters and crocheters (is that a word?). So if you get an invite remember to add me as a friend my username is jellybum.
Ok my lovelies I'm off for now, but I'll be back mid-week with a new pattern, so be good in the mean-time.
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