Thursday, 23 July 2009

Click Click Click

Hi everyone,
Hope your all doing well and have had a lovely week. First off I wanted to let you all know how excited I was to be featured in the Lime & Violet daily chum on Tuesday. I love the little empire the guys have going on over there, I still can't believe it I felt like writing an acceptance speech!

So other than that I have about a million and one things to do before I start Uni and I only have a month to go. Will I get it done? Probably not but hey a girl can try, right? So I've decided that one of the many thing I'm adding to my 'to do' list is to photograph all the patterns with all the pieces they come with so they will have a photo of each form. I've been meaning to do it for ages but well I'm a procrastinator and putting things to one side is what I'm good at.

Ok that's all I've popped on for today I'm hoping to start a new pattern soon although I'm not too sure when but hopefully by the end of next week. In the meantime keep those needles clicking.

♥ Raynor
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